How divine

to be one of a kind.

To know that your lips could trace my whole self.

Shimmy all the way down my spine,

taking in each curve and every chill

as you prompt them to arise.

Even taste my skin in all the places you desire,

as you tune into each moan

like an artist stroking a captivating scene.

& be very thorough

maybe do me over twice

just know,

you will never find

a collection of unicity

quite like mine.

“Love” is unidentified

I’ve been in ‘love’ before,

kissed the face of the devil

and laid next to him before.

Watched as he lose his mind

and slowly infect mine

as he searches for another casualty.

I’ve been in ‘love’ before

even picked myself up off the floor

and left ‘love’ at the door, before.

So when you ask if love is worth fighting for

I’d have to say

No love is worth the wage

if it preys upon your ecstasy.

Daddy is Home

I’d slip into the most alluring thing I own,

to strut around the house until you make it home.

What power this provides me,

to seduce your entirety,

as your hungry eyes devour each move,

that’s what excites me.

Its the way it leaves you breathless and down on your knees.

That power,

of just one look,

& you’re the one begging to eat me.

if you could see through my eyes

if you could see through my eyes

would you still invite this kinda of pain

and even sew it back in place

just to break every other day.

would you convince yourself that happiness will appear

and that if you mend him, he will somehow save you along the way

would you still think loneliness is cured by connection,

so connecting with every soul,

even if every soul doesnt connect with you.

if you could see through my eyes

you’d see you were never lonely until you

thought you needed something more

if you could see through my eyes, you’d know how much you were loved

and I think you’d feel whole.

finished product

your obsessed with this being

that doesnt exist,

and its painting images in your mind,

saying things like

“you can fix me”.

but crafting is such a tricky thing

when your dipping your hands into dirty waters.

and your hoping that maybe, i’ll take notice

of all these strokes

filling my canvas

but all i see is

a true masterpiece that already exists inside of me

such a raw design

you could never recreate its complexity