You took me The wrong way around Dipping into things I should have never And I guess my eyes were closed Because I thought you brought light to my life But when I sat and thought about who I had become The feeling of darkness that you buried Began to arise Opening my eyes That … Continue reading Misread


From the outside looking in

I let you in So fast that I could barley breathe You planted roots in my sleep And when I wake I start to not feel like me. I let you change my ways Thinking I’d like anything As long as I’m your new accessory to sway I let you into my world But you … Continue reading From the outside looking in


You sleep next to me. In sync with my mind. And even with my eyes closed, we dream of the same things. Open minds meeting each other in outer space what a beautiful place. Even when i wake by your side and look in your eyes our dreams continue to arise.


Green shades that used to fill my walls. Turning dark colors, that I don't even recognize. & I can't get a grip on it. Have too much in my hands Too many drugs self medicated filling me up, I can't even cry Numb to the pain of you and I.