Spring Time

Eyes of flowers, her mind begins to bloom. Subtle waves, fall as rain as seasons begin to change. When they come and go, each time we grow. Never meant to remain the same. Inspired to flourish, as colors take new ways. This place, where fear finds a smile as you realize change is going to … Continue reading Spring Time


Stand Tall

I know you have insecurities, but i want you to feel beautiful. I wish you saw these things through my eyes. You'd see how you shine. that those flaws, are unique to you seriously one of a kind. Not a thing to hide, no shame to burrow. If I show you new views, would you … Continue reading Stand Tall


Get all dressed up in your favorite colors, Dance around the room. You say you love these hues. Gently caress my mind, Into believing your true. I'd think otherwise But I lose myself in this lucid tune. Let myself melt into you. My favorite place to reside Oh how... These purple haze memories consume me.